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What is Atlantis?

Home to ChangeMakers

Atlantis is a peer to peer impact network for builders, makers, entrepreneurs & creators working in climate & social impact. 

At Atlantis, we design and develop tools that help these Changemakers setup, measure and verify the impact of their social and green enterprises & projects. Our current focus are Impact DAOs, NGOs and organizations in the climate tech & social impact sector.

Introducing Impact Miner 

previously Citizen App

Create Impact
Unlock Rewards

Whether it is contributing to open source software, harvesting solar or recycling water, the impact miner is where you get rewarded for your contributions to public goods

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Impact Projects

Real Impact
by Real Heroes

We believe climate action should be swift but with intent. Our network is built to power - driven climate founders, projects and startups to build verifiable reputation for social and climate impact. 

Here is a gallery of our recent adventures with impact heroes from around the world. The GreenPill Band. 

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Our Belief

Tackling climate change with hyper-collaboration

With Atlantis, communities and enterprises - find it easier and rewarding to collaborate on building a future with improved climate resilience & social equity.
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