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What is Atlantis?

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Atlantis is a peer to peer impact network for builders, entrepreneurs & creators from climate & social impact sector.  

We design and develop tools that help these Changemakers setup, measure and verify the impact from their social and green enterprises & projects. Our current focus are Impact DAOs, NGOs and organizations in the climate tech & social impact sector.  

Impact Projects

Real Impact
by Real Heroes

We believe climate action should be swift but with intent. Our network is built to power - driven climate founders, projects and startups to build verifiable reputation for social and climate impact. 

Here is a gallery of our recent adventures with impact heroes from around the world. The GreenPill Band. 

Group 171.png
Our Belief

Tackling climate & social injustice with 

With Atlantis, communities and enterprises - find it easier and rewarding to collaborate on building a future with improved climate resilience & social equity.
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