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Back climate action,
build a greener future

The Bountyverse awaits...


Make your blessings count, you are uniquely equipped with resources that can give life to climate action. It is critical for the economy to be in balance with the ecology. Use your resources to back a pool of small (bounties) to big (quests) initiatives that can improve climate resilience and reduce the shock of climate change on our economy. 

Role of a Bounty Backer
  • Provide resources to Bounty Hunters & Bounty Masters 

  • Back the Quest/Bounty with funds, network connections or expertise. 

  • Networking with founders, builders & experts during GreenPill Festival

Benefits for a Bounty Backers
  • Digital verified Impact Certificates for all your contributions 

  • Sponsor Bountyverse and promote your brands green position

  • Tickets to Greenpill festival 2.0

  • Participate in Bountyverse Quests or create your own Quest. 

  • Access to talent pool of 100 Credible and Verified ChangeMakers 

Commonly asked Questions:
Why would I back a climate bounty?

Climate bounties are the most effective way to impact climate change. When you back a climate bounty you are supporting credible builders and leaders who have a verified reputation for impact. 

Why would I back climate action in Atlantis Network?

The impact MRV (measurement, recording and verification) protocols developed by Atlantis is not just Nuanced & trustworthy, but it is immutable and easy to understand at the same time. Impact is about trust and access, the network provides both to its impact backers. 

How do I attend the GreenPill Festival?

There are two ways to attend the Festival. First is Sponsoring the Bountyverse Prizepool for $5,000 or above, this will unlock all Sponsorship benefits as well as 2 reservations out of the total 100 spots available for GreenPill Festival.
25% of the total spots are reserved for Bounty Backers. 

The alternate option is to buy the early bird tickets here.
(6 Seats reserved for early bird Bounty Backers) 

What are Bountyverse Quests?

Think of Quests as a bunch of bounties but done by a Team.  The Bountyverse Quests are categorized based on the 4 Impact Cores.
The 8 Quests will be revealed during GreenPill Festival (GPF).

Teams formed during the Greenpill Festival (GPF) are given 120 days to work on their chosen Quest. Starting April 2024, using the Citizen App each Team's progress is tracked and Impact Certificates are issued. Final Submission will be in the month of August, 2024.

Bountyverse 2024 Roadmap

Bountyverse commence


The Greenpill Festival 


Discover top 50 Bounty Hunters 


Unveil the 8 Bountyverse Quests

DEC 2023
FEB 2024
MAR 20, 2024

Quests begin..

Final Submissions

MAR 21, 2024
APR, 2024
AUG, 2024

Prizepool Allocation

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