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Climate action needs visionary leaders,
are you one of them?

The Bountyverse awaits...
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The Bountyverse is a new concept from Atlantis network. Consider it like a sandbox where new climate solutions and initiatives can scale.  A meeting point for seasoned climate leaders (bounty masters), new promising minds looking to build for climate (bounty hunters) and those looking to back credible impact with resources (bounty backers) 

Benefits for a Bounty Masters
  • Find team members, funding or new earning opportunities

  • Spotlight on your expertise 

  • Opportunity to win $$$ from Bountyverse Quests 

  • An all exclusive 5 Day pass to the GreenPill Festival 

  • Access to a verified credible set of 100 Changemakers in Climate

What does a bounty master do?

Phase 1: Discovering Top Bounty Hunters 

You can create bounties which help identify the best talent (bounty hunters) in climate.

For each bounty you create, you receive an Impact certificate on completion of the bounty. If you create bounties & outsource for a total of $750 and above, you win a 5 day pass to Greenpill Festival. This pass includes your accommodation, meals, and workshops.

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"How impact certificates look" 

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Phase 3: Form Teams & Take on Quests

During the GreenPill Festival, the Bountyverse Quests will be unveiled. The Quests are meant for teams comprising of Bounty Hunters, Masters and Backers. The Quest is a 120 Day challenge where the teams build and scale climate solutions & initiatives.

Phase 2: GreenPill Festival

If you do not wish to create bounties you could directly join the GreenPill Festival happening on the end of March 2024 in Kumta, India. Early bird tickets are live, grab yourself one from here. 


Phase 4: Prizepool Distribution

The Bountyverse Prizepool is allocated to the teams at the end of 120 Days, the distribution is decided using Gitcoin's quadratic mechanism. 

Commonly asked Questions:
What are Climate Bounties?

These are tasks and challenges that increase our chances of tackling climate change and building a greener tomorrow. The bounties range from field survey to harvesting solar to coding, content creation and much much more. Completing the bounties unlock cash prizes and digital impact certificates.  Download the Atlantis citizen app to get started.

What do I get for completing Climate Bounties?

Completing the bounties unlock cash prize and Impact NFTs (think digital evolving impact certificates). An average climate bounty on the platform will earn you $15 on a bounty. 

What are Bountyverse Quests?

Bountyverse 2024 


Bountyverse commence


The Greenpill Festival 


Discover top 50 Bounty Hunters 


Unveil the 8 Bountyverse Quests

DEC 2023
FEB 2024
MAR 20, 2024

Quests begin..

Final Submissions

MAR 21, 2024
APR, 2024
AUG, 2024

Prizepool Allocation

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