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BountyVerse Roadmap

The adventures within Bountyverse last for 9 months ,
That's enough time to transform from a speck
to an idea to a movement.

Bountyverse unearths Changemakers and give birth to ideas that empower humanity to tackle rising climate change

PHASE 1: Unearth Bounty Hunters

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December 01, 2023

Assembling Bounty Masters 

Bounty Masters from around the world come together to forge bounties that represent Earth

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December 05, 2023 

Portal to Bountyverse opens

Bounty Hunters can take on a range of climate bounties curated by Bounty Masters

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February 05, 2024

Top 50 Bounty Hunters announced

Winning all exclusive 5 day pass to Greenpill festival in Kumta and the chance to take part in Mother Earth's Quests

PHASE 2: Festival for Changemakers

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March 20 - 25, 2024 

GreenPill Festival 

100 Changemakers gathering in the exotic beaches of Kumta

  • 50 Bounty hunters + 50 Bounty Masters and Backers

  • Upto 16 Teams formed

  • 8 Quests unveiled 

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March 20, 2024 

Unveiling 8 Climate Impact Quests

During GreenPill Festival the changemakers are introduced to 8 Quests which all contribute towards climate change resilience. 

PHASE 3: Quests for Humanity

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April 05, 2024 

Teams begin their Quests

Changemakers form teams during GPF 

Take on quests to building solutions and artefacts for climate resilience 

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August 05, 2024 

Quests conclusion

The teams formed complete their quest over 120 days, with periodic updates on their progress. The performance during the quests influences the final matching funds the teams get from the Bountyverse Prizepool

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September TBD, 2024

Quests' Prizepool Allocation

At the end of 120 Days the teams present their solution/artefacts to the world. Using the democratic quadratic funding mechanism developed by Gitcoin, the teams will be allocated the final reward.

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