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Enter Atlantis Impact Miner 

Turn your actions into a wave of change & unlock rewards from Mother Earth

Welcome to the future of social impact. The Atlantis Impact Miner is more than just a platform; it's a movement. A space where doing good is not just celebrated, but rewarded. Dive in and unlock your superpower for impact.

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What are climate bounties?

Think of them as side quests for the betterment of our world. From blogging about sustainable practices to participating in essential surveys, and harvesting solar, every task is an opportunity. Every bounty is a step toward a better tomorrow. And the best part? Rewards await your efforts!

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Discover personalized bounties

Find earning opportunities tailored to your unique skills and interests. Your Atlantis dashboard is a realm of opportunities, presenting bounties best suited to your capabilities. Scroll, choose, and embark on your journey.

Climate Bounties that
match your skill and interest

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Climate action requires each of us to take multiple bounties from Earth, Sign up today and discover bounties that reward well while you save the planet. 

Earn & Track your Rewards

Every completed Climate Bounty unlocks rewards. Witness your growth and track your earnings via the Earn section within Impact Miner App. Remember, the more you earn, the bigger your footprint in this movement.

Keep track of all your actions that help the planet and reward you at the same time. 

Get new bounties that match your skill and interest

Earn from positive impact. 
Earn in ways you prefer 

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Showcase your impact as a changemaker. 

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Rise in Impact Leaderboard

Your impact doesn't go unnoticed

Join the ranks of Atlantis's most dedicated changemakers. Challenge yourself, earn KARMA, and you might just find yourself at the top, receiving exciting rewards. Your legacy awaits.

Make Change
Earn Rewards
Build Legacy

Join the Atlantis Impact Miner today and be part of the revolution against climate change and social inequality. We're all in this together. Dive in and make waves!

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