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Climate Hackathon

Humanity has designed and built many wonders from the the Pyramids, to the internet to going to mars, something to be proud of, But some of these inventions are now threatening our planet in the form of Climate Change. It is now our duty for us engineers to save the planet & we want the engineers of the future to spearhead this revolution. Atlantis seeks to accelerate sustainability research and innovation to reduce/offset the carbon footprint.

Problem Statement

Design and develop a system consisting of a solution or set of solutions, that can effectively reduce or offset greenhouse gas emission as per criteria mentioned below:


  • Must be an original or innovative thought.

  • Must be a decentralized solution (Think in terms of what individuals can do at their home / what corporates can do).

  • Solutions must be reasonably cost effective.

  • Economic evaluation of the solution implementation must be provided.

  • Must provide economic incentives to users to become sustainable.

  • The system must be modular / expandable / scalable.

  • Think of regenerative systems - for eg: rainwater harvesting, water recycling, etc. that can be aided or integrated with technology.

To stimulate your creative mind, below are mentioned some of the topics you can read about to come up with the solutions:

  • Energy Efficiency - Carbon Credits - Saved Carbon - Afforestation and Reforestation - Carbon Capture - Renewable - Circular Economy - Carbon Trading - Measure and verification of impact of Green Technologies - Water Conservation - Farmers Income - Efficient Marketplaces - Reimagined Finance (Refi) - Blockchain Technology - Rainwater harvesting - Water Recycling - Measuring, Reporting & Verifying GHG - Ecosystem Restoration - Waste disposal - Decentralized Water Solutions - Permaculture - Regenerative Farming

Solution delivery 

(What to submit to be eligible for Prizes)

The solution provided by you must be:

(1) Video Explanation and / or Demonstration of the Product - Youtube linked to be shared

(2) AND a software application - Provide a URL to your GitHub code repositor (OR) a handbook or detailed product report.

Judging Criteria

  • Value - The extent to which the solution can be sustainable, easy to use, accessible, etc?

  • Implementation - How well was the idea prototyped/demonstrated/reported?

  • Quality of the Idea - How well does this solution align with the goal of the Hackathon? How creative and original is the solution?

  • Future Scope of the Idea - How well can the idea be built upon in the future and scaled?

Solutions from past years

  • A mobile application that can record regular individual actions and convert them into Tons of CO2 emissions saved.

  • A mobile application that can help users setup a rainwater harvesting system, and sell their excess harvested water to nearby users who have raised a request for water requirement on the app.

  • An application that help individuals/businesses to track their energy and water footprint, and suggest solutions to reduce it.

  • A social network which runs of tokenized incentives that encourages sharing of knowledge and resources that can reduce the carbon footprint.

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