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The Climate Olympics


A two week long online event where people around the world gather to solve climate challenges. 

The event is packed with contests, rewards and interesting talks by climate experts from around the world. Our goal is to help people act on reducing the harmful effects of climate change by individual actions. 

With this event our goal is to make people realize how each and every human around the world can do things which help reduce the damages from climate impact. 

Event 1

Climate Hackathon

Form Team of 5 

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Hack Climate Problem

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Win $$ & Rewards


Solutions to be submitted in the form of

(1) Handbooks or Guides

(2) Developing software prototypes.


The winners are funded with all the
support to deploy and scale their solutions.


The objective is to foster new climate innovations from different parts of the world. Teams that win will not only earn a grant prize ($5,000-$10,000) but also get further access to capital, support and resources for scaling their solution in the real world.


Imagine you & your buddies band up and take on some climate villains, beat them, earn thousands of dollars and a shot at building a lasting legacy. #EverybodyWins💪🏽

Event 2

Climate Quests

Choose your skill

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Select your quest

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Complete & earn $$


The aim of the Quests is to help those with a desire to fight climate change and do their bit using skills they already possess.

  • Quests take 24-48 hours to complete

  • Wide variety of challenges - survey, field research etc

  • Digital & physical bounties available

  • Earn $$ for completing quests

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