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March 22-26, 23'

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Everything you need to know
about the hackathon is in this page,

the ultimate guide to get the best
from the GreenPill Festival Hackathon 

Schedule & Important Dates


February 17 

Registration Open

March 10

Registration Close

Phase 1


March 01

Ideation Stage commence

March 12

Ideation Stage conclude

Phase 2


March 12

Select Finalists for IRL Visit

March 15

Final Hacking teams RSVP

Phase 3


March 22

IRL Finale @ Atlantis Sanctuary

March 24

Final Submissions @ 11.59pm IST

March 25

Winner Announcement 

Workshop Agenda

Phase 1


Virtual Workshops : March 1 to March 6th

  • Introduction to web3 and blockchain : Masterclass

  • Introduction to ReFi: Masterclass

  • Ideation Workshop

  • Write and deploy your first contract on web3: Masterclass

  • Sponsor workshop 1: TBD

  • Sponsor workshop 2: TBD

Phase 2


Virtual Workshop March 7th and Mar 15th  Workshops focus on building + Mentorship

  • Build a Dapp and deploy it on sponsor chain : Masterclass

  • Mentor connect 1: Virtual mentor connect session

  • Mentor connect 2: Virtual mentor connect session

  • Mentor connect 3: Virtual mentor connect session

  • Sponsor workshop 1: TBD

  • Sponsor workshop 2: TBD

  • Sponsor workshop 3: TBD

Phase 3


For 50 Top Finalists

all expense covered Hackerhouse
in the beaches of Gokarna from
March 22- 26, 2023.

Day 1: Intersection of web3 and ReFi

10:00am - 10:30am: HH Keynote and Expectation Setting 10:30 - 11:30m : Writing and deploying your first Voting Ballot using Solidity 11:30 - 12:00pm: Fastest fingers first (Solidity & Rust Challenge) 12:00 - 1:00pm : Building ReFi solutions in web3 1:00pm: Lunch #Buidl for the rest of the day **Evening round table:** Tokens and Tokenomics Networking Dinner

Day 2: Highlights on Defi, NFTs and ZK Proofs

10:00am - 11:00am: Light breakfast 11am - 11:30 am: TradFi and DeFi 11:30 pm - 12:30 noon: Deep-dive into DeFi /NFTs/ ZK Proofs 12:30 - 2:00: Lunch 2:00 - 3:00pm : Latest frontiers in web3 (Rollups, Account Abstraction etc.) #BUIDL rest of the day Evening (post 7pm) Lunarpunk Stargazing Fireside Chat

Day 3: Building the future of Web3

#BUIDL and submit your project (sharp at 11:59pm) Evening (post 7pm) Fireside Chat Stargazing Networking Dinner

Day 4: Internal evaluation & winner announcement 

Winners are announced during the Demo Day on March 25th. Evening (from 7pm) GreenPill Sundowner Party 💚🟢🟩 P.S: Virtual hackers and in-person hackers are competing for the same prize pools and have the same deadlines.

Day 5: Retreat & Farewell Lunch 



What is the GreenPill Festival?

The GreenPill Festival is a 30-day climate festival inviting the brightest minds who are passionate to solve humanity’s biggest challenge that we call **climate change.** The hackathon will begin virtually first, followed by an exclusive IRL finale in the beaches of Gokarna from March 22 to 25, 2023. You stand to win prizes in $100s to $1000s, with a total prizepool of over $50,000!! There is an opportunity for everyone, from developer to writer, from designer to photographer. We have tracks for engineering and content, providing a wide range of rewards.

When & Where is it held?

The virtual hackathon is now open to register & the IRL finale(22-26 March 2023) will be held in Atlantis Sanctuary, an eco-village on the beaches of Kumta, near Gokarna, India.

How do I register?

You can register using this form here.

Can I take part individually or do I need a team?

Both, you can register as an individual or a squad.

Please note, if you are part of a squad, each individual squad member must register to be eligible for prizes.

How many team/squad members can a team/squad have?

There should be at least 3 squad members to be considered as a squad & the maximum number of squad members allowed to build is 5.

Can I participate in the hackathon even if I'm not a tech expert?

Yes! We have multiple non-tech tracks available for candidates who do not have a technical background.
From blogs to NFT artwork! Create content for SDG themed climate and social causes and win prizes

Check them out here.

How many builders will be invited to build IRL?

We will be inviting the top 50 individuals for the IRL finale.

Does this 50 include individual builders & squads?

Yes, the final 50 will comprise of individuals building alone and squad members.

If selected for finals, Can I continue the hackathon virtually?

Yes, the virtual hackathon runs parallel with the IRL event.

If any of the finalists chosen for the IRL event wishes to continue building virtually, we will accept that.

What is the eligibility to win?

GPF (GreenPill Festival) is an avenue for new projects who are taking their first steps and haven’t raised major funds. It is not intended for established businesses that have been building for months or years. Projects should have started developing/building/coding this year, post Jan 01, 2023. Projects will only be judged on the code/solution/content produced during the open and close dates of the hackathon (February 22 - March 24, 2023).

Where can I access developer resources?

Check out the Resources section here. This page has all the tools, documentation, tutorials, and guides needed to start building in real-world impact today.

Where can I ask technical questions?

Head over to the Technical queries chat in the GreenPill Festival Hackathon Telegram Community here.

Can I change the track I chose midway?

Yes, you can change the track, during final submission ensure to mention the same. 

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