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Coffee and 
Climate Crisis

A brief on our upcoming pilot in Chikamagalur, where we build climate resilience and regenerative green economy for local communities 

Who does this benefit?

Image by Deepak kumar


Image by Adli Wahid


Image by Khadija Yousaf

Local Residents


Local Governance

How do we do it?


Improved mapping of local resources

and climate threats


Create awareness & earning opportunities for local community


Harness power from storm water, turning floods into resource.


Building resilience against landslides with nature and technology based solutions


Regenerative agriculture and crop protection


Harvesting rainwater and solar for self sustenance 

How does this help?

Benefits are multi dimensional.

From improved resource access, improved economy to improved resource security 

Reduce Emissions

Remove Carbon

Deck 5.0.1.png
Deck 5.0.1.png

Circular economy with  Incentives to harvest rain, solar

With Afforestation & Permaculture and improved waste management

Resource Security

Deck 5.0.1.png

Food, water & power security from climate risks

Reap Rewards 

Deck 5.0.1.png

From green jobs and projects for local communities

Recognizing Equity

Deck 5.0.1.png

Green economy with a focus on financial inclusion for women


November  2021


Ellipse 935.png

Can circular regenerative economies unlock green job

& climate resilience?

Ellipse 935.png

March 2022

Ellipse 935.png

February 2022

Parts of urban India 

Launch Pilot 1: Urban

First Paying Pilot Customers

75 Cleantech brands onboarded 

2000+ paying customers 

17 paying enterprises

Ellipse 935.png


Unlock Grants

Raised our first grant

Team building commence


Designing  Prototype

Ellipse 935.png

Learnings from Urban Pilot and 

on ground research in rural India

Ellipse 935.png

October 2022

Launch Pilot 2: Rural

Parts of Rural India

 November 2022

Scouting & Mapping

Ellipse 935.png
Ellipse 935.png

January 2023

Deployment & Training

March 2023

Testing & Onboarding

Ellipse 935.png
Ellipse 935.png

May 2023

Monitoring & Evaluation

June 2023

Impact Dashboard

Open Source

Ellipse 935.png

What can you do?

Find what we are doing interesting? Your support goes a long way in building climate resilience in the frontlines of climate change. 

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