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Codex Atlantis Part 1: The beginning

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

In a series of blogs we will explain what goes into Codex Atlantis, the manifesto that guides Atlantis, a digital nation. It will cover the genesis of the nation, the crucial parts of the nation, its purpose, the underlying mission and the nations' ultimate north star.

Part 1: The beginning

In part 1, we will concentrate on the beginning, how the concept came to be, and the factors that led to the necessity for establishing such a notion.

How did the digital nation of Atlantis come to be?

In order to defeat the two villains wreaking havoc on humanity in 2022, it was necessary to rethink human cooperation and create Atlantis, a nation without borders.

Who are these two villains plaguing humanity?

(1) Crumbling economies; and

(2) Corroding environment

These two villains' direct vengeance is now being felt by humanity in

the form of climate change and social inequality.

Crumbling economies

Global supply chain disruptions brought on by geopolitical tensions (Ukraine war, China & US sanctions, etc.) and pandemics (like covid-19) have completely upended the delicately balanced and unsustainable system we had, resulting in economic models all over the world to suffer.

The distribution of wealth has collapsed today, and quality of life has declined. The proof is in the details; as of this writing, more than 78% of the world's population, or around 6.9 billion people, are living in perpetual survival mode, meaning that their lives are only two paychecks away from collapse.

Corroding environment

In our pursuit of unsustainable growth and consumption. Humans have finally produced more things on the planet than nature itself, we have overly exploited our natural resources - cutting down trees, extracting oil, mining rare earths like gold, metal etc. We have even over extracted our freshwater reserves. We have released harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as a result of all this excessive use, which has led to global warming.

This global warming has thrown our delicately balanced climate into chaos, we are experiencing climate change across the globe. Droughts, floods, and wildfires are making millions homeless, destroying billions worth of infrastructure. We have disrupted the balance of our nature due to our unsustainable consumption style.

The Two villains and their armies have pushed us to the brink

The future of vast majority of humanity is in grave danger due to these collapsing economies and corroding environment. We once had visions of a time when there would be rapid advancement, no longer be any poverty, and humanity would spread across many planets and explore a large portion of the cosmos. Instead today we have visions of impending disaster that has replaced our hope for a glorious future. Our homes are collapsing, people are getting poorer and sicker as due to these two villains.

We failed in our efforts to co-operate for a better tomorrow.

We are on a short timeline. Our earth is uncontrollably warming. Droughts, floods, and wildfires that are 100 times more devastating will unfold if the global temperature rises by another 1.5 degree Celsius. As the polar icecaps melt due to the warming, sea levels will rise. We will see billions of people lose their houses and have their life destroyed.

This was the turning point...

Enough is Enough

A group of us decided that we would not stand around and witness the demise of our species, we want an improvement. In the interest of a future worth living we are embarking on a daring adventure to reinvent how we construct our world and how we utilise the resources of our planet optimally without causing havoc.

Atlantis is the rallying point needed to stop these two villains. Inspired by the legendary lost city of Atlantis, we will recreate a new Atlantis, one without boundaries and one without prejudice.

Imagine how lovely and amazing the future will be when there are 8 billion strong people who are only as loved by one another as they are by themselves. Imagine the burst of innovation and ingenuity we will witness. Are we all going to surrender to these two villains or will we rise?

Atlantis is fueled by hope, optimism, and the desire to bring out the best in people; it emerges from the depths of human suffering and despondency. To a better future we look boldly.

What goes into making such an archipelago of change? We will go through each component that makes this digital nation tick in Part 2.

Remain tuned.

With love for all,


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