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Building the OS for Real Verifiable Impact

Our vision is 100x improvement in co-ordination. In order to achieve such high quality co-op, we need tools that allow multiple types of stakeholders to work together.  

Atlantis suite of digital tools help people, communities, organizations co-ordinate better to combat climate change and social inequality. 

We are finally at a point in history where the economic incentives to combat climate change and social inequality is available, Our products ensure these incentives create the right impact. 


Below is our product roadmap

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November  2020


Can decentralized circular 

economy help fight climate change and social inequality?

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January  2021

Launch Urban Pilot

In Bangalore, running a regenerative eco marketplace

Form Factor: PWA

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February 2021

First Paying Pilot Customers

A gated community harvesting their own clean water and power. 

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April, 2022

Successful Urban Pilot

Generated over $500,000 in network revenue

  • 75 Cleantech brands onboarded 

  • 2000+ paying customers 

  • 17 paying enterprises

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June, 2022

Prototyping Citizen and Enterprise App

Learnings from Pilot project and consumer feedback powered design of first set of Atlantis tools

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Unlock Grants

  • Raised our first grant

  • Team building commenced

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October, 2022

Develop Citizen App MVP

Commence development for citizen mobile app

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November, 2022

Pilot 2 to test Citizen App

Identified and prototyped citizen app for rural India to test conditions

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Pilot Enterprise App

Deploy enterprise app for piloting with key urban accounts.

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