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The design inspiration behind
Atlantis Network Protocol. 

Perfect harmony between Nature
Humanity & Technology.

Earth and its resources belong to everyone, if not in ownership, the production and handling of it should not harm the rest of the planet.

Today we are truly global, we eat fruits from one country, use clothes made in another and electronics in another. What happens elsewhere is now OUR problem. 

What happens in the Amazon rainforest is a concern for ALL of us. 
No one truly means harm for another, unless our basic resources are threatened. Today poor centralized networks are putting our entire energy and global resources at risk.



Why build on blockchain?

Natural to wonder why build such a network on blockchain when there is the traditional way of incentivizing shareholders of a mission. 

This mission is unique, as it will have Billions of shareholders with a shared objective and to design a network that does justice to such a mission, it had to be distributed, owned by everyone just like the nature, air, sunlight and water on the planet.

Blockchain technology is a strong medium that can be used to advance this attempt at building better co-ordination. We embrace web 1, web 2 and web 3. There is no differentiation - our ideology is to take the best from all and design an ecosystem that "actually" solves billion people problem

A Block chain based model - powers network effect exponentially which is the need of the hour. We need rapid , premission-less networks for mobilizing climate action. 

  • Rapid Scale — Permissionless and borderless protocols can grow everywhere in the world in parallel across many legal jurisdictions

  • Credible Neutrality — Credibly-neutral networks give their stakeholders guarantee that the rules can’t arbitrarily be changed from underneath them

  • Collective Ownership — A system that is owned by its users creates loyalty, aligns incentives, and drives growth

  • Frictionless Payments — Blockchains allow for peer-to-peer micropayments that the legacy payments system cannot support.

  • Integration with DeFi rails — DeFi rails are useful for bootstrapping liquidity via automated market makers. Our "proof of impact" network leverages other composable DeFi-native tools, like  social tokens, staking and NFTs


Given how society’s collective experience with centralized resource management over hundreds of years, the natural inclination is to think about solving climate change in a centralized fashion (the hard energy path), in which a single or group of companies decides who, when, where, and how problems are solved and people are compensated.


This model is obsolete in the internet era and clearly fails to democratize access and impact. The age of internet unlocks the possibility for soft energy paths where decentralized community driven micro grids can secure energy and resources. 

A limited corporation making central planning decisions and compensating its stakeholders at its discretion will never be as effective as a properly designed permissionless network --- one that scales and compensates its most productive actors using the free market’s conceptions of supply and demand.

Small individual operators have never been able to compete with large corporations on large-scale infrastructure projects until now. 'Proof of impact' gives individuals and companies one platform to uniquely solve this with a  blend of actions around social impact and climate change, this we believe represents a paradigm shift in how climate impact operates and scale.

Atlantis network protocol will allow for people to coordinate their climate activities without a centralized, rent-extracting party, and will help move these actions from corporate feudalism to meritocratic capitalism and freer markets. Such a system incentivizes all the players. 

Centralized solutions simply cannot scale as rapidly as decentralized distributed solutions will.  Our writing here is heavy inspired by a well written article by Multicoin Capital.

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